Tyson Fenech is the cerebral cog behind FLASH SPLASH, dividing his time in varying degrees to; guitar (playing, recording, teaching & building), designing, photography, video, writing, philosophy, hiking, canoeing, off-roading, video games (Skyrim aargh!), Scrabble, his sweet puppy Freya, cooking and quiet evenings eating wine and cheese mmmm...


Creative, Intuitive, Imaginative, Innovative, Unconventional, Emotional, Independent, Expressive, Original, Introspective, Impulsive, Sensitive, Courageous, Open, Complicated, Idealistic, Nonconforming


Self-confident, Assertive, Sociable, Persuasive, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Adventurous, Popular, Impulsive, Ambitious, Inquisitive, Agreeable, Talkative, Extroverted, Spontaneous, Optimistic


Friendly, Helpful, Idealistic, Insightful, Outgoing, Understanding, Cooperative, Generous, Responsible, Forgiving, Patient, Empathic, Kind, Persuasive




Photography, I find, is a great way to communicate a visual story within a frozen piece of time. I've had the privilege of travelling across Canada & documenting it with my Canon DSLR. After thousands of captures, I'm finally starting to understand and respect the talent and dedication (sometimes luck) required to get that magical shot. Because of my passion for travel I tend to shoot landscapes & wildlife, however, have also done portraiture, product photography & filmed 2 Heavy Metal music videos. 


Social Media is vital in doing business in a global, online market; keeping a direct line of communication open to your end-user & building your online community through story and conversation. The speed & frequency at which we share has become an insatiable aspect of how we exchange. Running an online campaign is ongoing; planning & consistency are key. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, YouTube; popular platforms to get your message across. 


Graphic Design is something I've always had a passion for & I didn't pursue it professionally until many years later. Drawing was simply a pass time, a hobby that accompanied my short stories and comic book drawings. This is at the heart of who I am & the great melting pot of putting images & words together, to create the necessary 'punch' or cohesion required for branding.


Brandingat the end of the day, will be what makes or breaks your company. When all of the channels are utilized properly & the materials used to engage come together harmoniously, the wings of success can slowly begin to form & take flight. Now more than ever we can bring our products & services to the consumer in a multitude of ways.

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[ Since entering the creative field in 1999, I have always strived to do my best (stumbling along the way); being there for clients & giving them peace of mind. Communication is vital! If promises are made, they must be honoured. Limiting the number of projects & allowing for a proper window of time (where applicable) is vital to the overall health of the project; maximizing quality is how I choose to work.  Lastly, building long-lasting relationships is at the core of everything I do because, it is through the journey that great things can be nurtured. ]

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"Hi Tyson, I wanted to thank you for all your work on the design of the site. So many people have said the site looks great. Your design is striking and at the same time approachable. It was great working with you virtually.” - Shane S.

"Hey nice work Tyson! All the designs look great, we are having trouble choosing.... Thanks again for doing such a stellar job!” - Jeff H.

"Hey Tyson, Just had a look... “Awesome”, it keeps getting better all the time :) Well the site is now ready to hit the net with a vengeance! Thanks very much again for all your efforts with the design of the site. I’ve had excellent feedback from people and everyone really likes the look and feel of it. You have provided me with exactly what I “ordered”... so my thanks again!” - Stacy W.

"You Rock! It is absolutely awesome. Wow! Thank you very much. This is awesome Tyson! I did not expect that. Thank you very much for all that you have done, I really appreciate it.” - Marc H.

"Wow! Okay...I’m a fan! I LOVE the designs - thanks! Again...You did SUCH A GREAT job with little or no help from me. Thanks for all the hard work! We love it!” - Martin R.

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